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Introduction: Chain Maille Necklace From Scratch

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I first found when I was looking for instructions on making a chain maille shirt.  It is therefore appropriate that this weekly challenge is the first I enter and is simply put "Wire."

Materials needed:
16 Ga. galvanized steel wire
Wire cutters
2 pairs of pliers

Extras I used to make things easier:
Home made mandrel
coat hanger


Step 1: Making the Rings

I used my mandrel and some hose clamps to create my sp-rings.
Pull a few rounds of wire from your spool. Enough to make a nice foot long spring or so. I use about 15-20 feet at once.
Straighten out your wire to the best of your ability.  Clamp one end onto the dowel rod. 
Hold the wire in a gloved hand loosely but firmly. With the other hand activate the drill. Hopefully yours is speed sensitive.
Turn the dowel with the drill slowly until you have a spring of wire. 
Remove your springs and stand proudly.

Step 2: Cut the Rings

This is tedious as all get out.
Cut your rings from their sp-rings.
Store them someplace secure. I use an old butter dish. 

You will need one closed ring and several hundred open rings. This is where the 2 pairs of pliers come into play.

Enter clothes hanger.
Put your closed ring on the coat hanger.
Attach an open ring to the closed ring and close it.
This is the tricky part. The 3rd ring. Just look at the picture and make yours look like mine.
Always place the next ring through the bottom two and always from the same side.

Step 3: Adding Length

Keep adding rings.
Do not worry about the way it looks when you let go of the end. 
Re-twist and add a ring. Repeat.

Step 4: Closing

I could not explain the closure of this so Here is the easiest link I could find.
Thanks to the art of chain maille for these finishing instructions.
Unless you are a Knight in the SCA I would not recommend you wear it to an SCA event.
They may frown on the impersonation.



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    16 Discussions

    This is simply the best chain mail necklace I have ever seen.

    (I wish I had a bestie that would send me one.)

    Nice necklace. The evil grin is pretty good too. lol

    This is totally cool, My boyfriend and I make a lot of chainmaille pieces using our own rings. We use a bolt cutter to cut our wire. It's a little touch with just wire cutting pliers sometimes but I guess it just depends on the gauge of the wire you use. Currently we are working on a rib cage bit using smaller rings than normal and I just finished a hand rose. Thanks for sharing this ible.

    1 reply

    Methinks that armor is insufficient to stop a weapon strike. Might offer an adversary purchase for a choke hold though.

    When I made chain maille, I used a threaded rod for a mandrel, and turned it with a reversible hand drill.

    for slightly better ends on your jump rings try cutting the spring with a dremel & cutting weel. teh flat ends are nice to have

    1 reply

    I had not thought about the DNA factor but yes, it does.

    Thanks for sharing! Are you always funny? I love your chain maille necklace. Looks like a winner to me!

    1 reply

    Thank you and I do try to be. What is the use in life if not to make people happy?