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Introduction: ChainMaille 101: Hoodoo Hex Sheet

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 this variation of Hoodoo Hex Sheet is made by using a 2in1 chain method.

AR: 3.3 Min (AR = ID/WD)

Recomended ring(s):
0.093WD x .0312ID

Color key:
Blue = inactive or finished weave.
Green = Active ring
Red = interpilated or gone thru rings.

1. Okay first thing you need to make some 2in1 chains. make 4-5 to get started with. now lay two of them down so yu can see there alinments. and arange them so that the tops and bottoms alternate and face each other in to opsing chain. what done that mean?.well just look at this. you may need to realine this every time you add a new ring untill it stableizes.
2. Now we add the first rings, skip the end ring and pass you first ring thru the eye of the next two rings on both chains.
set it down and realine if you need to. Next jump the next eye and use the  one after it and do the same as previose step.
3. Again...
4. and i think you get it, finish out the cain.
5. Now grab another 2in1 chain and aline it like so.
6. Now we go back to step 2 but don't skip the first eye, use it.
7. same as b4 now, skip an eye and use the second one.
8. And again..
9. Finish out the chain.
10. Continue this method of alternating alinments and alternating eyes to compleat the hight of the chain.
All done, GL.

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