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Introduction: ChainMaille 101: Oops Weave

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This weave is known by a few names, European 4 in 1 Unbalanced being the most used. Also called Oops and Reversing Bias 4 in 1.

Color map:
blue = compleate
green = active
red = go thru or inserted into
yellow = orbital or captive
purple = rubber ring

Supplies you'll need:
piliers x2
rings: AR 3.5 or larger (16g 1/4 i find works and looks nice.)


Oops is a misleading name. E4in1U is not an easy weave to start. It is true that once started it simple enough to do. So I’m going to show you how to use a starter weave to get it going, then will unweave or disconnect the “starter” and continue with this weave. Since this weave is 4in1 we'll start with a E4in1 base section. It best to use a small section but still big enough that it will give you a well supported starting piece before you disconnect it. I recommend that you use a piece that is 5x3. Go ahead and make it from 16g 1/4ID this will make it nice and thick, and this weave looks best thick

Now that you have that done lets change it over to the new weave.

Step one: Turn the weave 90deg. Now add a new ring through the top 3 rings.
Step two: Do the same for the bottom three rings.
Step Three: Link in a ring through the top ring in the “starter”.
Step Four: Weave one into the Center of the two 3in1 rings but pass it through only one ring.
Step Five: Do we need a step five lets skip to six…hehe.
Step Six: Do the same linking as in step Three.
Step Seven: Now we have the connections and they will not move on us we start the fun. Using a single ring, weave it through 3 of the top new rings.
Step Eight: Now do this again for the bottom three rings.
Step Nine: Do the same as you did for Steps 3 through 6.
Step Ten: Repeat Steps Seven through Nine until you have a strip a few inches long.
Step Eleven: Now that it is a good size we can remove the 4in1 starter from the end.
Step Twelve: this part can be hard to see sometimes due to the confusing nature of the weave. But you add just one ring through just one ring, best way to see where the one ring goes is to look for that 3in1 section that it will complete and in doing so makes the pass through ring 4in1. Here I have added all of them for this section.
Step Thirteen: Now for a Closer look and the next ring. Using two of the 1in1 rings add a new one as shown it will be 3in1.
Step Fourteen: Do the same one section down, remember that it is 3in1
Step Fifteen: Continue to do step 13-14 all the way down the piece.
Step Sixteen: Now we have to reverse the connection but keep the flow. Do this by adding another set of 1in1, be sure they complete groups of 4in1. Note the yellow ring here, it's floating in mid space. This is a ring that you will have to add later. Keep in mind that the off row will always need this seemingly extra ring to complete it.
Step seventeen: Here we are adding a New ring to the end ring it is 2 in 1 despite missing the red ring from the 1in1 from the previous step (my bad there).
Step eighteen: Now we do the reverse of step 13 but still doing 3in1.
Step nineteen: Continue step 17 until you get to the end, at the last section add the yellow ring onto the new one being added, this will stop the weave from contracting on you.
Step twenty: Continue doing steps 13-19 until you have what you like.
That completes it. Not to bad once you get it going right!

Have fun and good luck!

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