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Introduction: ChainMaille: Byz 4in1 Tube Chain

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In this instruction we will be showing you how to make a Byz 4in1 Tube chain. For this you will need 0.125 Id 0.032 wire jump rings. and an understading of two other basic weaves, Box Chain and Byzantine, as well as an undrestanding of an intermediate weave Byzee Beez to Buterflys.  and of corse your not doing alot with out a pair of pliers.

supply sorces:

Step 1: Getting Started: the Starter Section

Color map:
blue: finished section
red: rings to go thru
green: new or active ring.

first you will need to make a section of byz connected thrue the sides as shown. you may use one ring or two depending on your AR (aspect ratio) Now add in you next section of the pattern, these interpolate the end rings of the byz section without utilizeing the interconnection of the binding rings. you will need to add them to each side in a 1 in 2 pattern apposed from eachside. Next add 2 rings thru the ones in the previose step. treat these rings like normal byz and add the "flip" rings over them. Finally add you side connection rings. give the section a flex so that you can get the feel of it. if it feels a bit stiff you may need to use a slightly larger AR or smaller wire size. stater section compleate!

Step 2: Continue: Expanding Row by Row.

Now that you have the starter done, it's time to move on to the more exciting part and expanding the weave block into a chain. For that we are going to even out the weave first by adding an extra Beez connector to the side. And in keeping with that, make it unbalanced, doing the same thing on the other side. This is to start the new row.Now add two rings through the middle top and middle bottom rings of the edge. Be sure to align them to the Byz connector side. Do the same as above, only the placement is the last two rings. Last but not least finish it off by adding two rings through the last four, directly through the eye that was formed. Looking like a Byz section once more.

and of corseto match then ends  flip the weave over and start again, and again and again. Well you get the idea.

Step 3: Finishing: Tips & Tricks

Finishing the ends so that they are stright is pritty easy. i sugest using Box weave like shown below.

other steps you could take:
Tossing it in a tumbler for a while. i sugest using Stainless steel misc shot. (pins, balls, cones, eta.)

Projects you could make with this weave:
guitar straps,
purse straps,
well the list gose on and on and on...

thx for viewing..good luck!

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    4 years ago

    Thank you for these awesome instructions! Very detailed and easy to follow. The time and effort u put into these instructions shows. Good job!

    It looks like it would be a lot of fun to play around with this and see what I could make!