ChainSaw Chain Basics: 101 - What Size Chain You Need If You Can't Read the Markings on the Bar.

Chainsaw bars get used and abused and can often be hard to read when it comes time to replace a chain. Some bars are not stamped with the key information as well. One nice part is if you have an exsisting chain it will often have some important information stamped on it.

Step 1: Identify Markings on Drive Link (DL)

The key information you need to collect is the Chain Pitch, Chain Gauge, and the number of Drive Links (DL).

Most chains will have information stamped on the Drive Link such as a number and number and letters. Used the provided links below to to look up what pitch and gauge the Chain is. (Depending on your current chain MFG)

Carlton Ref Guide:

Orgeon Ref Guide: Stihl Ref Guide:

We now have 2 of the 3 key pieces of information we need.

Step 2: Count Number of Drive Links

Then just count the number of drive links.

You should now have the bare bones information needed to find a chain that will fit your chainsaw.

See the attached video for step by step instructions on doing theses things as well as other helpful tips. .

Now you can select what type of cutter teeth and features best fits the type of cutting you will be doing.

One Other great resource is Oregon selector tool (Plug in the chainsaw make model, and bar size)



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    2 years ago

    This is so great! Such wonderful chainsaw information here.