Chain/Scale Maille Necklace

Introduction: Chain/Scale Maille Necklace

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Ever wanted to make a chain and scale maille necklace!?..... No? ...... Well........ Keep reading anyways...... It may not fix my hurt feelings but it may help.....

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Step 1: Step 1: Gather Items

For this project you will need 2 pair of needle-nose pliers, necklace chain with a clasp of sorts, 25 jump rings of your choice, 16 smaller preferably different colored rings and 6 scales. (I used 1/4" ID 18G sterling coated copper rings I made myself, 3/16" ID anodized aluminum rings and anodized aluminum scales) (note: pliers with NO teeth on them are best because they will not scuff your jump rings, which in turn will make it look all the more nice...)

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble the Mobiuses (mobi?)

Place your larger jump rings into piles of 5 and start making a 5 ring mobius. For those of you that just said "What is a mobius?!?" Keep reading, and for those that knew what I said right there skip to step 3. to build a mobius you will take your first ring and close it, take another and thread it through the first, lay it flat, thread another through that and repeat till sufficient.... Now make 4 more.....

Step 3: Step 3: Further Mobius Assembly ( I Think It Should Be Mobi... or Mobii?... Mobiis?!?)

By now you should have 5 mobiuses(?) if not, repeat step 2. Now you need to find the center of your necklace chain. Once you have done that you shall now begin to assemble the necklace. First take ONE of your smaller jump rings and thread it through your entire mobius and the end of your necklace chain. Take TWO jump rings and thread them through another mobius and then through the first one and close. Repeat till you get to the end and on the last mobius only put ONE ring through and attach to the other end of your necklace, and..... HUZZA!! on to the next step!

Step 4: Step 4: Scalemaille Assembly (I Really Like Using the Word "assembly")

Now take your scales and you should notice a convex and concave side, place the two concave sides together (conCAVE is a CAVE in the side.... in case you didn't know... just trying to help...) Now take two (2) of the smaller jump rings and thread them through the holes in your scales and through the FIRST, THIRD and FIFTH mobiuses (still not sure :p) And you're done! Take a moment to admire your new piece of handcrafted jewlery, put it in your jewlery box, wear it proudly, display it on your wall for all to see, give it to your mother, give it to your wife, give it to your friends, give it to your enemies, I don't care... just so long as you enjoy it! so long and keep crafting!!!

Step 5: *shame*

P.S. I apologize for the quality on some of the photos, I underestimated the difficulty of taking a picture one-handed... my bad... Dishonor....

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