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Captive 2 in 1 Chain is a nice looking weave when done with multi colors, but it's also hard to start because of its loose beginning. So I have made this tut to hopefully help some of you with getting it going.

Green = Ring being worked with
Red = ring being worked with goes through these rings
Yellow = enclosed rings
Blue = finished weave

Ring size
14g 5/16 for the small (enclosed rings)
14g 3/8 for the large (enclosing rings)

First step is to make a chain each of 2 in 1 Chain and 1-in-4
Next is to open the 1-in-4 and place in the 2-in-1 chain
Now we start the hard part. Leave the weave laying on the table and weave in the first enclosing ring through the 1-in-4
Still tough at this point be careful not to get lost in the rings. Repeat step 3 above.
Once you have the above ring in, the weave becomes much more stable. At this point you can pick it up and see the clear pattern. To continue just keep going with step 3.

That's all there is to it. enjoy the weave and have fun.

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