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Introduction: Chainmaille 101: Moorish Rose

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Moorish Rose, a spiral sheet weave using interwoven units of mobii.

My normal colors apply but I will list them anyway.

Color Key:
Red = interpolated rings
Blue = inactive or finished weave
Green = active or added ring
Yellow = orbital captive ring
Purple = floating rings

AR ~6.9
Example sizes: (will add more as more are tested)
0.045 x 0.3125 ID

Pictures are combined for this tutorial. There are a lot of minor steps that are necessary to clear up things in the end. The pictures are from left to right - top to bottom.

Step One: make a 6 ring mobius.
Step Two: insert one ring through two of the rings on one side of the mobius. We will call this spot a flat from here out.
Step Three: Insert a new ring through the same two as before, but add it through the ring from the previous step. We are forming another mobius here, ring by ring.
Step Four: now we form the rest of the mobius. Add one ring through the rings from steps Three and Two.

Steps Five, Six and Seven: add the rest of the mobius unit by interlinking 3 more rings as shown.
Step Eight: repeat steps Two through Seven until you have added a few units. 4 to 5 units makes for a good stable start.

Step Nine: move to your first unit and add a new ring though the top ring in the flat on the right side of the unit and through the top point ring.
Step Ten: Starting on the second unit in the chain add your ring through the top point ring and the left top flat ring. Include all rings from step Nine.
Step Eleven: re-use the two rings from the second unit and add in the rings from steps Nine and Ten. This forms the next mobius unit.
Steps Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen: Continue the mobius as shown.

Step Fifteen: now things get fun. Thread your ring starting on the second unit's left flat top ring and top point rings and go through the top row unit's left flat rings.
Step Sixteen: Add a new ring through the ring from step Fifteen and re-include the flat rings of the top row unit.
Step Seventeen: This ring goes through 6 others so be sure to get them all. Start your integration at the third unit's top point ring and its top flat ring. Then force it through the second unit's right flat top ring and top point ring as well as the two rings from the previous two steps.
Step Eighteen: This one is the same as the previous but leave out the second unit.
Steps Nineteen and Twenty: Complete the mobius unit by adding two rings interwoven into the last 4 step's rings. Continue this down the chain through all units.
Step Twenty-One: using the same method as you did for adding the second unit to the first unit only to the top left flat and top point rings, add a new mobius unit to off set the next row.
Step Twenty-Two: Follow steps Fifteen through Twenty to continue the line as you did for the second row.

You be done.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    How do you get the mobii to retain their shapes? As soon as I start trying to incorporate new mobii into the mix, my original one falls apart. The second one won't form because of the two rings inside mobius number one. I think this could be really pretty if I could get it to work. Thanks.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    i normal don't need to but depending on the size and rigidity of the rings you can try stinging your first mobi. or putting it on a small rod to hold the center. one the center is locked arange the outer rings to help hold the next one in place.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I don't think I'd class this as a '101' subject. ;)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    hehe i know, this one more a 300 level. but the name stuck after the first few tuts.