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Introduction: Chainmaille Projects: Let There Be Dragons Part III

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Hello again,

TWO HEADS!, who don't want a two headed hydra right?

Just as the previous tutorials you will need to know a few basic weaves and how to weave them with rubber rings in place.

you will need to know Full Persian 6 in 1 and 3/4 Persian 6 in 1 easy enough right..:P

Ring sizes you will need
:1.6mm 8mm ID Rubber rings
1.6mm 8mm ID rings
1.6mm 6mm ID rings
1mm 5.5mm ID rings
1.16mm 4.5mm ID rings
1.6mm 10.5mm ID rings
0.8mm 2mm ID rings (optional)

You will also need 5-6 scales from TRL (
Some colored paper or plastic the color of witch you want the wings to be. i used the same or close to same color as the rubber rings.

Critical information you need to know before starting this project:
One You need two pliers to work with , chain nose works well, but just about any will do.
The Color Key:
Red: The ring(s) to weave through.
Blue: The inactive or finished parts of a weave.
Green: the active or un-closed ring you are weaving into the mesh/chain
Yellow: Orbital captive or pre closed ring.
Purple: Rubber or flexable ring. Also used for scales just

Okay that's all there is let do this.

Step 1: Sitting Hydra: Body

1: Main body construction you need to start with a odd bit of FP6in1, using the larger 1.6mm 10.5mm rings and the smaller 1.6mm 8mm rubber rings form a chain 13 units long.

2: Start of the neck: on the open v end add two additional 1.6mm 8mm rubber rings. you will need to unweave a bit.

3:Next add two 1.6mm 10.5mm rings like shown. these for the start of a new persian unit.

4: Continuing the Persian unit add two more vertial rings in 1.6mm 8mm (metal or rubber if in rubber combine with previous step) the top ring gose throught the eye, the bottom ring is out side the eye.

5:repeat step 3

6: Close the Persian unit with a full persian linkage both rings through the eye v open. 1.6mm 8mm rings

7: Now with the smaller 1.6mm 8mm rings continue to the next unit.

8: Do a total of two units in this size to finish up one neck.

9: repeat this on the other side two mirror the necks

Step 2: Sitting Hydra: Head

1: At the top of one of the necks add two rubber rings and one 1.6mm 5.5mm ring to the inside of the persian unit v like shown.

2. Weave in the 1.6mm 8mm ring as shown with the scales. face the scales curved side out.

3. weave a few more 1.6mm 8mm to form a persain unit. be sure to snag the rubber rings.

4. use 1.6mm 6mm rings to add another fp6in1 unit.

5. using 1mm 5.5mm rings make another persian unit with a missing horizantal ring.

6. Repeat this for the other head.

Step 3: Sitting Hydra: Chest

1: This bit get a bit tricky you need to bend up the body and squash it in a bit to get the rings in the right places. to help in this we add two exta 1.6mm 10.5mm rings at the base of each neck to joint into later.

2: Grab two more 10.5mm large rings and slip them the both the rings you just added and the spine rings at the base of the neck. now count down the spine 4 units and slip the rings through the rubber rings on the top. this will pull the chest out and give you a place to attach you frunt legs.

3: add two sets of 2in2 (1.6mm 4.4mm) chains to the large ring these will be used later to hold the wings in place and pose.

Step 4: Sitting Hydra: Legs

1: Start the legs by making 4, 4 unit 3/4 Persian and 4, 3 unit 3/4 persian.

2: link one 4 and one 3 unit like shown with a 1.6mm 10.5mm ring. this will form one of the frunt legs.

3: To build up the foot. attach two 1.6mm 5.5mm rings to the 3 unit section lower ring.

4:Next fold over a rubber rings in side and secure it with a 1mm 4.5mm ring, this forms the toes you may use 3-4 as you like. i like 4.

5: To attack the frunt legs simply find a good spot on the chest and weave two 1.6mm 5.5mm rings through the top unit of the 3/4 persain and secure the right (frunt) to the center chest ring. and two more to the backs bending rings.

6: To make the rear legs Do the same as the frunt but move the connection ring to link thre all 4 rings in the joint like shown. this will for a knee like structure. and just like the front legs can be posed.

7: Attaching the rear leg do the same as the frunt but with the last link in the chain as the center rings and two units up as the back ring.this will fold over the last unit to for a butt. and somthing to attach a tail to.

Step 5: Sitting Hydra: Attachments.

1: You should now have this.

2: Make a fp6in1 section about 4-5 inches long out of the 1.6mm 8mm rings and attach it like so. add one or two scales to the end for a tail feacher

3: Next feed though your wing wire like show.

Step 6: Sitting Hydra: Finishing.

That is all You have now completed the Hydra.

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