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We started making our 69th video by taking a machine from an old chainsaw in order to make a simple scooter for short distances. Even though, this machine is not made to move big loads but it is made for making a lot of spins, we managed to reach a quite good outcome.

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Step 1: Start

To start with, we first made a simple framework made of metallic square tubes size 60 x 30 x 2mm. At the back side of the framework, we made the basis, where the machine has been placed while exactly below it, we conglutinated the case, where the bearings are located and the axis passes through them.

Step 2: Axis

The axis is 20mm and it is the part that is in control of moving the back wheels of the vehicle. Also, a gear which is big enough, was placed and it is moved by the machine through a chain connected to it. Also, at the edges of the axis, we placed two wheels taken by a go kart. In front of each wheel , we put two metallic plates layered with rubber and this is the part where the driver places his feet during driving.

Step 3: Front

At the frontal piece of the framework, we made the prongs for the front wheel which is connected with the steering wheel. Therefore, we made a very small and convenient vehicle that is able to pass through narrow spaces and provide us an enjoyable time. Finally, to make our scooter stop, we placed disc brakes at the frontal wheel and this wheel was taken from an old motorcycle.

Step 4: Video

Additionally, we painted our vehicle in repsol colours as we do in any vehicle made by us and now we made our collection bigger in make it extreme vehicles.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    What type of chainsaw engine is used?


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    2 years ago

    how did you attach the sprocket to the clutch drum?