Chainsaw Prop From a Tide Detergent Bottle

This is a quick easy Halloween prop project from a tide detergent bottle, a few pieces of cardboard, masking tape and some cheap spray paint.

Step 1: Modify the Bottle

Cut the neck of the bottle out so the outside edge folds in to the handle. Try not to compromise the handle of the bottle. Once the neck is cut out tape the bottle to the handle.

Step 2: Add the Blade and the Starter Coil Detail.

Cut a slot in the bottom of the bottle for the blade to go into. The deeper the blade can go into the bottle the better and more secure the prop. I used a couple of small screws through the side of the bottle into the blade to keep it in place. Also, use the cap of the bottle as a detail for the side of the chainsaw. Cut a hole to receive the bottle cap in the side of the bottle. Cover all the plastic bottle and bottle cap in masking tape.

Step 3: Paint the Pieces and Prepare to Assemble.

Some cheap spray paint and some left over paint from my box of goodies helps transform a Tide bottle into a good looking prop. I painted the cap black, the blade silver with a black edge and splattered it all in red blood...

Step 4: Add the Safety Rail and Finish Paint

The only thing left is to add the safety rail / handle. My rail was used from an old aluminum broom handle and was screwed to the bottle but you could use about anything including cardboard. Finish painting and splatter with some blood and enjoy!



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    Reply 2 years ago

    I would say either / or... I just happens to have yellow paint... Orange would work, black, green.. ??? Just about anything... yellow is just what I had...