Introduction: Chair

This is a chair i made for my 6th period midterm


The supplies and tools required for this chair will be listed below


9 boards cut to 26 1/2" Top bottom

4 boards cut to 21" front and back

3 boards cut to 24" back rest and seat

52 5" screws


Miter saw


Drill bit

Standard spade bit 3/4

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Step 1: Cutting the Boards

I first cut all the boards to the desired lengths as i put it in the materials list

Step 2: Assembling the Arms of the Chair

In this step your going to want to take the front and back boards (21") and lay them with the top and bottom (26 1/2) boards and then screw in through the front and back boards to attach them to the top and bottom boards and then do this again for both of the arms

Step 3: Assembling the Body

you take the back rest and seat boards (24") and for the first two to connect the two arms together you screw the back rest and seat boards into both arms 7" off the ground and you take the final board for the seat and then screw it in at the top of the back seat

Step 4: Putting in the Seat Slates

For this step you will need to align the slate so that its straight with the two boards that were positioned 7" off the ground and screw it in from both sides of the seat two screws per side and repeat this for each board until you have your full seat

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