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Introduction: Chair Makeover: Xavier Blush Fabric / Mambo Pink Paint

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After scouring through the basement, I came across this ordinary pole-back dinning room chair that is all white. I really didn't like how white can be too monotone, so I decided to give it the "pretty in pink" treatment it deserves!

Step 1: Materials

For this chair project, these are the items that I used:

  • pink upholstery fabric (Xavier Blush by Richloom Home Fabrics; this fabric was 60% off at Joann's)
  • spray paint (Mambo Pink by Krylon; I bought this for 50% off its regular price)
  • staple gun & staples (I bought these from the Home Depot)
  • screwdriver (you just need to take apart the seat and frame, and nothing else)
  • fabric or all-purpose scissors
  • stick-on felt circles (I bought a pack of 16 of these from the Dollar Store for only $1.29)

You will also need (for all chair projects and beyond):

  • protective gear (filter mask / safety glasses / industrial gloves)
  • cleaning materials (disinfecting wipes / paper towels)
  • any other additional tools to pry your chair apart (I just threw in a hammer, which I didn't really need to use)
  • old newspaper (to protect your workspace, and for easy clean-up)

Step 2: Clean the Chair

First, you want to clean the chair to get rid of any dirt and grime that might be on the frame or seat. I used Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to wipe down the chair, then I cleaned it off with a paper towel.

Step 3: Paint the Frame

After prying the chair apart, I spray painted the frame with pink paint. Again, I used Mambo Pink by Krylon. I also added a stick-on felt circle to each chair leg, as the paint dries a little to prevent scratches on wooden floors.

Step 4: Add Fabric

While the paint dries, I went to work on the seat. I took my scissors to the old fabric, and ripped it off. From there, I cut off a piece of pink Xavier Blush fabric that, again, I bought from Joann's on sale for 60%. Then, I folded the fabric over and stapled it in place. After that's done, I cut off any excess fabric for a polished look. Note that when you look on the bottom, it's going to be less perfect. But, don't worry about that part, because all you are going to look at is the top part of the chair.

In addition to the stapling and fabrication of the seat, you might also want to see if you need extra batting to plump up the seat a bit. I actually didn't get to do that part, but, at the same time, I wanted to keep the cushion, even though it looked a little flat and ripped on a few sides. Also, when removing the old fabric from the seat, make sure that you use something to at least pry the old staples apart, like a staple remover suitable for upholstery. For me, I had to use my bare hands and a whole lot of elbow grease, but in the end, it was worth it. This is because, you don't have to pull off all of the fabric, because you can actually cover any leftover fabric that's left standing with the new one.

Step 5: Reassemble

Finally, I reassembled the chairs and they're done!

Note: What happened here was that the seat was actually screwed to the frame. So, I took the screwdriver to the seat to take it off. However, while applying the fabric, I had to make sure that I cut off excess fabric so that the holes are exposed. That way, when I re-screw the seat back in place, the holes and screws will be in tact.

Step 6: Have a Seat!

The pink really adds that nice pop of color, and the patterned fabric plays off a nice contrast, with its light brown appearance.

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