Chair Ski

Introduction: Chair Ski

When skiing along the river one day I was getting tired standing while skiing. I thought there most be a more leisurely way of water skiing. This is the day I began my thoughts of creating this chair ski. While beginning the first stages if planning I found that I didn't have many of the materials needed to create this master piece. So, I went down to the ski shed and found some old skis and search around and finally found a chair. You don't need to spend very much if any money on this project. No matter how much you spend on materials the steps and procedure are the same.

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Step 1: Purchase Materials

1. Two similar length skis

2. 4' 2X4

3. Chair

4. Screws (2")

5. Washers

6. 4" Bolt

7. Nuts

8. 75' Ski rope

Step 2: Strip Bindings of Both Skis

After this make sure both skis are clean so chair secures.

Step 3: Make Attachment Points for the Chair and Attach to Skis

You will need to cut four 4" blocks of 2X4. Screw these blocks to the skis with four 2" screws with 2 washers on each screw. The attachment point placing is optional and depends on the length of the skis and want of the rider.

Step 4: Hole Saw the Holes Needed for Chair

After this hole saw holes for each leg in the 2X4's. (The angle and size of the holes depends on the chair you have.)

Step 5: Attach Chair to Skis

You will need your 4" bolt, nuts, and washers for this step. First, put chair in holes in attachment points. Then, drill horizontally through the chair and block. After, put bolt through hole in block and chair attaching the chair to the skis. Finally, put washers and nut on bolt to tighten the chair in.

Step 6: Seat Belt

Your choice of what to use for a seat belt to strap you in to the chair.

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    1 year ago

    I would love to see a video of this in action . . please tell me you tested it out and made a video? I'm intrigued! :)