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Introduction: Chair for Toddler

About: I have been sewing and crafting for several years, my children are grown so now I have lots of time to be creative. I enjoy photography, cooking, cake decorating, painting and sharing my projects with others.

These little chairs have been around for many years. I added the fabric around the sides and placed plastic bags to make it stronger. The removable cover can be washed. If you purchase juice in large cans, do not remove the top of the can. Open with a punch type can opener, making 2 openings on opposite sides of the top of can. This keeps the can strong and will allow an adult to stand on it with out collapsing.

Step 1: Supplies

7 large juice cans, glue gun, fabric, thread, sewing machine, plastic bags, cardboard.

Step 2: Cover Cans With Fabric

Cut 7 pieces of fabric to cover each can. Glue fabric onto each can.

Step 3: Cardboard Circles

Cut out 14 cardboard circles and glue to the tops and bottoms of each can. Trace around a can and cut 1/4" smaller so that the cardboard fits inside the lip of top and bottom edge of each can. Hot glue to the tops and bottoms of each can.

Step 4: Glue Cans Together

Glue 6 of the cans around 1 center can.

Step 5: Trace Onto Cardboard

Place the flower shaped unit on top of a piece of cardboard and trace around it. Using a ruler or another straight edge, connect the rounded "petals" together. This will be a 6 sided piece of cardboard. Cut out one for top of cans and another for the bottom of cans.

Step 6: Glue Cardboard Onto Bottom

Using hot glue gun, glue the cardboard onto the bottom of cans.

Step 7: Wrap Fabric Around Side

Cut fabric scraps about 3" wide and wrap around entire can stool from top to bottom, Pull fabric tightly around cans and hot glue every so often.

Step 8: Plastic Bags

Place several plastic in the openings at the top of the stool between the cans and fabric strips. Push as many as you can into the openings. I was able to place about 35 bags in the stool I made.

Step 9: Glue Cardboard Onto Top

Take the remaining piece of cardboard and line it up on top of stool. Using a glue gun, glue in place.

Step 10: Batting

Cut quilt batting for the top of chair/stool. I used 4 layers because the batting I had was not very thick.

Step 11: Cover Top and Bottom With Fabric

Cut 2 pieces of fabric, 2" larger all around than circumference, one for the top and the other for the bottom. Place fabric over batting and glue down to the side, near top edge. Glue other piece of fabric onto the bottom, gluing to the sides, near bottom edge.

Step 12: Sew Cover

Trace around bottom edge of chair, add 1/2" seam allowance. Cut out. This is the top of cover. Measure around chair and add 1". Measure height of cans and add 4". Cut out fabric for the side of cover. Stitch the short ends of the rectangle together with 1/2" seam allowance. Pin the top piece of cover to the side, sew around top edge.
Turn under bottom edge for elastic casing, hem, leaving 2" opening for elastic. Cut 30" of1/4" elastic. Place a large safety pin on one end and push through casing. Stitch ends of elastic together.

Step 13: Place Cover on Chair

Cover chair with washable fabric cover. Drink your juice and don't forget to rinse out the can!

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