Chair of Recycled Acrylic

Introduction: Chair of Recycled Acrylic

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With concern for the environment, having as one of its core values actions aiming at sustainability.
It is for this noble motive that some companies in Brazil, arrive annually to collect about 480 tons of plastic waste per year for recycling.
The acrylic sheet recycled exhibit properties similar to the original acrylic plates and cost much less.
In this project, I show the creation of a chair design with fully functional and above all sustainable.

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Step 1: Acrylic Recycling Process.

The recycling process of acrylic starts with the arrival of scraps and scraps of acrylic, from various segments of different industries.

After the acrylic scraps are separated, ground and go into a high temperature furnace which transforms the acrylic solid form to liquid form.

The acrylic liquid is placed on a mold plates and is then taken to a pressurized oven for a period of 12 hours, making later in acrylic plates again.

The acrylic sheets are commercialized and can be used to create various types of products, furniture, decorative items, car parts and many others.

The advantage is that this type of acrylic has the value 30% smaller than a conventional acrylic plate, with the great advantage of being a product which avoids the pollution of our planet, by being produced using materials that would be discarded at nature.

Check the entire recycling process, this video, for a company in Brazil.

Step 2: Creating Project in Autodesk Inventor.

The process of creating the design of a chair in Autodesk Inventor is very simple.
I began my design creating shaping the piece of sheet metal in the environment, applying extrusion and setting the thickness of the material to 20 mm.
After addition of some other commands, already have the 3D design of the chair and flat shape.

For this project, I imagined a totally clean design and straight shapes, to symbolize the importance of the project and educate everyone on the environment protection through the creation of products with renewable raw materials.

Step 3: Technical Sheets of the Project.

Through this technical detail, I describe all the parameters of the project.
Note: Dimensions in mm.
A project like this is generally done with laser cutting machines large.
After cutting the acrylic piece is folded, following the guidance of the technical drawing on the areas to be heated and subsequently folded.

I hope you enjoy my project.
Thank you for your attention.

Note: I apologize for for the possible spelling errors, my English is not very good.

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    Hi, Repguy2020!
    My English is very bad and I would love to learn more and be fluent in this language.
    Thank you for your comment and for visiting my project.


    7 years ago on Step 3

    Your English is much better than my Portuguese. Congratulations on a fine project and a great instructable.

    Hello, Penelopy!

    Thank you for your comment. I'm new here on the site "Instructables" and this is my first published project and who is running a contest. I live in Brazil and here there are several companies that recycle leftovers acrylic. Transforming into new plates, with lower price and with quality very close to conventional acrylic plates.

    See an example of a recycling company.