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Introduction: Chairleg Guitar

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I was bored the other day.

So i dicided to make a stringed instrument out of a mahogany chairleg i had lying around

I decided to go with eyelet tuners.

Heres the first video with fishing line strings:

Heres the chairleg with steel strings:

Hey, if you like it please vote in the Musical Instruments contest!

If i can find another thing suiting for the same kind of makeover, i'll do a step-by-step.

Heres a link for another instructible i made, about a belt strap and a vintage guitar.



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    Sure thing. The string is knotted to the eyelet part of an eyelet bolt. The eyelet bolt is then turned many times as to wind the string tight.
    When the string is sufficiently tight, the nuts on either side of the bolt are used to keep the bolt in place.

    I've found the following article very helpful in making DIY tuners:

    I hope this helps

    Inspiring! As Kiteman said a step-by-step for this would be awesome. Time to rummage through the shop to see what I can make into a stringed instrument.

    i'll see what i can do :) Maybe im going to do it with something else than a chair leg.