Chairs : Make & Pimp (4 Manuals)

Introduction: Chairs : Make & Pimp (4 Manuals)

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Notice : I used to sell these manuals and patterns but now I am offering them
for free, so some remarks in the manuals about 'further information' and
'refund policy' are not applicable anymore.

- - - -

In this instructabe you will find 4 building plans :

1. to make a chair out of MDF-strips
2. to make a club chair out of MDF-strips
3. to make a beach chair
4. to pimp your monobloc chair with a slipcover

Step 1: The Files

Please find enclosed 4 manuals :

- La MDF club chair
- La MDF chair
- Monocover
- Sandchair

Good luck, and please be nice on comments.



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