Chak Angouba ( Manipur Style Vegetable Pulao)


Introduction: Chak Angouba ( Manipur Style Vegetable Pulao)

- Manipur state is in North eastern part of india.They grow vegetables in their own house gardens so they mainly consume ingredients which are fresh grown in their house holds. They also eat less spices and dont prefer packed spice products.

- Chak Angouba is staple food for manipuri cuisine which is cooked rice with some vegetables and simple spice powders


- 2 cups cooked rice

- 2 diced carrots

- Chopped green beans

- Chopped onion and spring onions

- Tsp red chilli powder

- Two teaspoon coriander powder

- Salt as per taste

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Step 1: Procedure

-Take little oil in vessel and when is heated add cumin seeds. when they crackle add chopped onions and few chopped spring onions.Even add turmeric and saute for few minutes

Step 2: Add Diced Veggies

-Next add diced carrots and green beans and cook for some time.

Step 3: Add Spices

-Add teaspoon red chilli powder,2 teaspoon coriander powder and salt as per taste

Step 4: Mix

-Coat all spices with veggies by mixing.Cover the lid and cook for few more minutes until veggies become soft.

Step 5: Cook Rice and Keep Ready

-Before starting the procedure cook rice and keep ready. You can also use left over rice.

Step 6: Add Cooked Rice to Veggies

-Next add about 2 cups of cooked rice to cooked veggies and mix everything.

Step 7: Serve

-Serve vegetable pulao with some salad or raita.

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