Chakra Meditation for Mindfulness and Life Balance

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Intro: Chakra Meditation for Mindfulness and Life Balance

There are many different types of meditation. Chakra meditation is one of the lesser-known types, involving some ancient knowledge of the aura of the human body. Like most types of meditation it involves relaxing the body, focusing the mind, and letting go of thoughts and attachments. The difference with chakra meditation is that the focus is on energy centres in and around the body, cleansing and opening them, leading to health, happiness and life balance.

This type of meditation can lead to increased levels of energy, better concentration, better communication, improved mental agility and performance at work. Mindfulness during day-to-day activities is improved as your mind will be calmer and stiller. Decisions will be easier and you will have an overview of your life in context.

You will need;

- A quiet place

- 30 minutes a day

- A comfy chair or bed

- A decent pair of ear plugs; I developed ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs myself as I found most ear plugs uncomfortable or ineffective. They are molded from a kit so are far more comfortable and effective than foam ear plugs. They are ideal for creating solitude when meditating, as well as sleeping, swimming and protecting your ears against dangerous noise levels. You can get some from if you need them.

Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

Step 1: ​What Are Chakras?

Chakras are spiritual energy centres situated in and around the body and some other physical objects. They are a connection and an interface between the physical entity and their aura and the non-physical world. Each aspect of the personality, behaviour and life are reflected in and regulated by the chakras and can influence them in positive and negative ways. Conditioning and negative experiences can result in the chakras becoming blocked and not operating well. This can lead to problems in the associated physical aspects of the chakra.

There are seven major chakras which correspond with the colours of the rainbow. The red chakra is located at the base of the spine, between L5 lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum, next is the orange chakra, a few inches above this. The subsequent chakras are equally spaced following up the spine to the blue communication chakra which is located at C7 cervical vertebra, at the base of the neck. The next chakra up is the third eye which is located at the pineal gland at the base of the brain. The last major chakra is white and is located on the top of the head half in and half out of the apex of the skull.

Don't worry too much about exactly where they are located; when you start to meditate on them you will be able to see in your mind's eye where they are and what they look like.

Step 2: ​How to Unblock a Chakra

Blocked chakras can be found by meditating on your chakra system and spotting which look dull and feel stony. A clear and active chakra will be bright, colourful and change form gently when you look at it. Unblocking chakras is very hard work; only very few people in the world have all their chakras unblocked. Meditation is the key and a holistic approach to life with a good balanced diet, exercise and wholesome, ethical activity being important.Meditate on the chakra by watching it closely. Your attention will slip off it and it will be very difficult to penetrate the hard, dull exterior.

Persistence, time and a huge amount of effort are necessary.When you do finally loosen it up a bit negative energy may be released which can make you feel upset and depressed for a period of time afterwards if you don't release it as it ones away from the chakra. Make friends with the chakra, send it love and spend time with it and it will gradually let you in. You will feel very uncomfortable at times; this means you are probably on the right track! Persistence, perseverence and effort will accomplish your goal.

Step 3: How to Activate Your Chakras

There are many ways to purify and activate chakras and different methods are effective on different chakras in different situations. For example, diet, exercise and various types of meditation are all beneficial. A holistic lifestyle will be highly therapeutic. The chakras are focuses of energy within the body and it's auric field. They are sometimes described as the points at which the body's aura is connected to the physical body.

Whilst performing chakra meditation it is important to have absolute peace and quiet so solitude is imperative. A good pair of ear plugs may be necessary if you live near a busy road. There are multiple minor chakras extending in every direction around the body which are used less frequently in more specialist circumstances. You can find them if you go looking.

Activate your chakras simply by focusing on and watching the chakra as it opens and grows. It can be helpful to imagine the chakra as a ball of coloured light which becomes brighter and clearer as you watch it. Whilst performing this type of meditation you will be releasing old ideas and toxins which may result in a feeling of tiredness and grogginess afterwards. It is important to rest and drink light food and clear fluids for a day or so afterwards in order for the meditation to have its full effect.

As you watch the chakra it will change but it can take some time. At first they will be resistant to your efforts and you will find yourself easily distracted. A blocked chakra can take several sittings to ease. It can be helpful to imagine them spinning, growing and drawing energy into them from your breath and from the chakra below. Rather than concentrating on one chakra it is important to work on each in turn, moving round cyclically, otherwise the energy released from a chakra you have unblocked will have nowhere to go and will make you feel peculiar.

Another technique is to use breathing to stimulate the flow of chi through your chakras. Breathe in, drawing energy from the ground into your root chakra. As you breathe out, imagine the energy flowing deep into the chakra. With the next breath, draw energy from the root chakra up your spine to your navel chakra, as you breathe out, imagine the energy flowing deep into the navel chakra. Keep going, through the chakras until you reach your crown chakra. When you breathe out, imagine the energy flowing down to your root chakra, where it is absorbed.

Follow this cycle maybe 3-6 times before spending some time on individual chakras. This will keep the chi moving. At the end of your session you may have a large amount of chi flowing. If you release negativity from your system it is important to get rid of it. Breath in and out ten times; when you exhale, imagine nasty dirty smoke coming from your mouth and taking all the negativity with it. You can also stand in the shower and imagine the water turning dirty, taking the negativity down the drain with it.

Have fun! Please share your experiences in the comments below. Please let me know if there are any points you would like me to clarify or expand.



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