Chalk Board Paint How-to





Introduction: Chalk Board Paint How-to

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Chalk board paint is easy and quite inexpensive to make, plus you can make it in any color.



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    This would be vey interesting for me if it had subtitles. I can read english, but don't understand it when hear.

    It is not necessary to write all your speech, only the main parts, or an abstract. Youtube automatic on line transcription is hilarious.

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    Youtube transcriptions are funny, I am french and the transcriptions never make sense ^_^

    As for this project I can write it for you now. =]
    Mix 240 ml of acrylic paint
    with 15 gr of non-sanded grout...... That s it ^-^ , when the paint is dry, put some chalk all over the board to condition it and you re done.

    have a good day!!!!