Chalkboard Doors




Introduction: Chalkboard Doors

Chalkboard doors for the kids :)

Things you'll need

Chalk board paint (you can even get colored
chalk paint) I used Black.

Roller 3/4" core

Smooth/Semi-smooth roller

Paint for the surround. The best quality you can afford.

Tape. Take your tape off and re-use it. 1-2 initial tapings will do the whole project if reused.

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Step 1:

I started with fairly common MDF doors i installed. First i removed the doors... taped them up. I chose to do the Chalkboard first as it was easier to tape the edge of the inset and the chalk paint would be better to tape as it's surface would be less likely to pull when removing the tape. The paint i had i bought from Australia so it was fairly funky. I still have some left.... It really didn't matter.... i applied it twice and it looks like it did it you're 4th year classroom...I used a brush and i recommend a fine bristle.

Step 2:

So.... Tape removed all good. I keep the tape in it's contiguousness and then re-use it. I did 2 doors and i have 2 more. I found with doing 2 at a time you can pretty much keep using the same tape for what i'm hoping will be 4 doors. Once the tape is shaped into the inner edge it's really easy to re-seat. Next job is painting the door.

Step 3: Painting the Door and Cleanup.

2 coats of decent funky complementary to my progeny colours... yes i added a u... and then pull the tape. I found when seating the tape i pulled it along the edge then fully seated the front edge firm and it's sharp like you want it. Pardon the shitty bump of the dirt in my camera... it's there all along but precipitously in this photo. Shout out to Harry the bastard who tough me that when you want to clean out a roller let the tap drip slowly into the open end and it will be ready by the time you've finished cleaning up. You can even do a big one and a nap roller at the same time. The little one floating in the big one.

Step 4:

Rehang the doors and chalk away. I bought the paint when i lived in Sydney about 10 years ago and it worked fine. I might want to practice my chalk drawing before i do this to the other 2 doors :)

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    4 years ago

    Very nicely done! I'm sure that your kids love this!