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Introduction: Chalkboard Memo Wreath

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This Instructable is dedicated to online shoppers who have packages waiting for them on their doorsteps daily. I, like many of you, looked forward to seeing brown boxes piled up at my door, but was getting agitated by the sound of the doorbell ringing whilst my offspring napped. How could I still have stuff delivered, not have the doorbell ring, and most importantly, not piss off the person handling my sometimes-fragile packages?

Write a message to the delivery person on a wreath, of course! Typically just pretty, and now quite functional as well, this wreath leaves us all happy (and some, soundly asleep)

Let's get started!

Step 1: Make a Wreath (or Buy One)

If you already have a wreath lying around, you can just skip to the next step.

Unfortunately, I didn't. So this is how I made one.


faux floral

Glue gun + 3 long sticks of glue

Darice Grapevine wreath (I used 18 inch round)

I began by plucking off all the faux flowers and leaves off of their faux stems. Next, I played around with arrangements, sticking stems under and through the grapevines. Once I was satisfied with how it looked, I gently lifted the stems and hot glued them back down, ensuring the end result would look exactly like my initial placement.

Step 2: Make a Chalkboard

I found round ply board at a crafts store, and although it was a bit smaller than I would have liked, it was still big enough to fit the grapevine wreath's inner diameter. Score!

I sanded the surface down using 150 grate sand paper, primed it with spray primer, and then sanded again. Next, I painted a layer of black chalkboard paint, allowed it to throughly dry, then sanded it again. I repeated the paint application and sanding one more time.

Next, I ran the long side of a piece of chalk along the entire surface of the board, ensuring that when I would write on it later, the markings wouldn't retain a shadow once I tried to erase.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Using our old friend, the glue gun, I glued up the outer edges of the chalkboard's surface, and put the grapevine wreath on top of it. I held it in place for a couple minutes until I was confident it was on there good.

I used burlap ribbon and wreath hanger to hang it onto my front door.

Step 4: Enjoy

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