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Introduction: Chalkboard Necklace

About: Cube dweller by day ... crafter (and jewelry designer) by night! :)

Make your very own sweet, miniature chalkboard necklace!  Once made, your mini-black board is ready for any message of your choosing!  It makes for a super fun (any occasion) gift ... just include write your message, nestle it in an organza bag (complete with a piece of chalk) and it is ready to gift!  Some ideas to get the brain cells moving...get well, bff, love, a special date, initials, a sweet simple "hi"! get the drift!

{wouldn't it make the perfect gift for a teacher!?}

You can view the step-by-step tutorial right here.



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    I don't have a Google account

    Cool!!!!! How big, approximately, is it? How much writing could you fit on?

    This looks so cute! I would love it if you could share the directions here too, and of course, still keep the link back to your site.