Chalkboard Pantry Door

Introduction: Chalkboard Pantry Door

Step 1: Pick Yer Door, Get Yer Supplies

Had a piece of the kiddo's artwork taped to the pantry door, and upon its removal a sizable bit of paint came off with it. Rather than merely repaint the peeled up spot, I thought I'd make that panel into a chalkboard. So, pick a door and follow along! This one is a wooden pantry door with two panels.
You will need:
"Chalkboard" paint - this comes in cans and spray form. I chose the latter so as to more easily obtain a smoother finish.
A door - obviously.
Safety razors - to help remove any existing paint and prep the door surface.
Sand paper - for door prep. A fine grade should do the trick, 200 or better.
Masking tape and newspaper to prevent overspray.

Step 2: Prep Time

I used my fingernails at first to get loose bits up, but this was only possible because the person who painted the door didn't do a good job prepping the surface. After a time I switched to a safety razor held at a very acute angle.
Safety first!

Step 3: More Prep

Take the door off its hinges. Mine came off with minimal force and a small pair of pliers to pull the pins.
You didn't think peeling old paint like so much sunburned skin was it, did you? Nope. Break out the sandpaper and get to work. I used a fairly fine grit (220) as the base layer of paint (I went through 3 above it!) was fairly uniform. Go over the entire surface until it's smooth and no longer shiny. Vacuum up any dust, then use a damp rag or towel to clean the surface.

Step 4: Masking

I used masking tape and pieces of cardboard to create a mask around the area I wanted to paint. Take your time, making nice neat lines. If you prefer, draw a faint line with a pencil along a level or ruler to guide you. Be generous with the mask - oversprays are a pain in the neck to clean/cover.

Step 5: First Coat

Mask in place? Checked it twice? Shake that can for two minutes after the ball starts rattling. Take the time to do this adequately.
Lay down a first coat by slowly and evenly applying the paint with the can held about 10" off the surface of the door. Leave it alone for a while. My can says :15 but it was still quite tacky after :30. Let the first layer get set up before doing coat number 2.

Step 6: Second Coat

I let my door rest for a day, then brushed off the surface with a dry rag and applied coat number 2. Even sweeps, east to west, north to south, til you've covered the area again. Now really leave it alone for a full 24 hours. It must cure a bit, or so say the instructions on my can!

Step 7: Hang and Prepare Surface

After a curing stage has passed, rehang the door. This is also a great time to throw a little oil on those squeaky door hinge pins!
Take a piece of chalk and, holding it sideways, rub chalk over the entirety of the surface of the board. Wipe off the chalk with an eraser. It's now ready for use. Write a pithy witticism on your new chalkboard - you're done!

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    5 years ago

    Will make a few edits. In the meantime, you will definitely want a "chalkboard" paint. Several brands offer it in cans or spray cans.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    So um... you don't say this, but can you just use any kind of black paint? It's a great idea but your instructable is way to heavy on the details of how to clean up the door (which isn't the topic here) and not at all on making on a chalk board! So my understanding is you just paint it with black paint and that's kinda it? Can you wipe it clean with water? Does it have to be a particular paint? I assume you choose a matt paint? I might do this if you add some more detail please :-D

    what a great idea! I have a pantry door that might be perfect for this - it has two panels across but I might be able to make that work. This is so simple and clever!