Chamfer on Acryllic Lasercut Parts

Introduction: Chamfer on Acryllic Lasercut Parts

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By coincidence I found a way to get rid of sharp edges on your acrylic lasercut parts :)

Step 1: Defocus You Laser

Let's start with the beginning.

Sometimes when I want to save time I prefer not to engrave but to kisscut with the lasercutter. Kisscutting means that you cut too fast to cut through the material, so you get a subtile engraving. But when you kisscut with the laser neatly focussed the line is very thin and subtile... You can make the lines thicker by defocussing your laser. Were you already familiar with this trick? If not: give it a try and enjoy!

But now the cool part:

Do you hate the sharp edges on you lasercut parts? Cut it twice!

The first run is with the laser out of focus (in my case 10 mm). The second run is with the laser focussed to cut through. The result? A nice chamfer on your part :) No sharp edges! (At least on one side).

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