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Do you have old 35mm slides from back in the day, that you just don't know what to do with? Why not make a chandelier and show off those beautiful pictures to the world!

Step 1: Supplies Needed:

  • base of an old overhead light fixture
  • drill with small metal use bit
  • old 35mm slides (number of slides varies depending on how big and how long you want your chandelier to be)
  • jack chain &/or small "s" hooks
  • needle nose pliers
  • hole punch
  • measuring tape
  • patience

Step 2: The Base

Measure twice DRILL once!

  1. Layout your design for your chandelier and tweak as necessary.
  2. Then measure and place small marks on the base to show where you need to drill a hole for your slides to hang from.
  3. Once you have all your marks, look over it again, make sure everything is aligned correctly, etc.
  4. Drill (or have someone (thank you hubby!)) drill small holes at every mark
  5. Hang your first "s" hook in each hole and use your needle nose pliers to close the top part of the "s"

Step 3: Hang Your Memories

Now comes the fun part!

  1. Layout your slides, thinking about how colors, scenes, direction of picture (landscape/portrait), etc. will go together once it is hung and light is shining through.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT - MEASURE exactly where you need to punch the holes in the slides and BE CONSISTENT! (trust me! I messed up some of my favorite slides before I figured this out!)
  3. Begin connecting the slides together with "s" hooks and closing them, starting with the top one that connects to the base. (I recommend wearing a thin pair of gardening or mechanic gloves during this step or you'll have some pretty ugly blisters)

  • You can vary the lengths for a different look. Or even leave out slides in different places to create different effects.

Step 4: Let Your Memories Shine!

Now just attach the base to the ceiling mount fixture and voila! Your memories are no longer hidden away collecting dust, but out for the world to see!



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    5 Discussions


    Question 5 months ago on Introduction

    This is super cool! I was wondering if you tried using some kind of paper tape over the misplaced holes and then did a re-punch, maybe place the slide towards the bottom so it wouldn't be weight bearing? Thanks!! And I can't wait to try this!

    2 answers
    Leigh AnnePCarlaB81

    Answer 5 months ago

    I did originally start with trying to punch the holes in the centers of each side. But it just didn’t work like I had imagined. But I LOVE the tape over the misplaced holes idea! I’m going to use that!!! Thank you!!!

    Leigh AnnePLeigh AnneP

    Reply 5 months ago

    And PLEASE post a pic of your finished product I’d love to see it!


    6 months ago

    How cool! I love the little pops of color you get once the light is turned on. :)

    1 reply
    Leigh AnnePjessyratfink

    Reply 6 months ago

    Thank you! I love color and this was a lot of fun to make! :) I really appreciate you checking it out and commenting!