Change a Tire on Your Car



Introduction: Change a Tire on Your Car

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So you can put the spare on your car but what about taking a tire off of a rim and replacing it? Sure you can go to a shop and pay someone to get it done but dismounting, mounting and balancing your own tires is a vital skill of you're prepping for apocalypse, an avid overlander or just a thrifty person

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Step 1: I Bought 5 Tires and Wheels

I got a good deal on 5 tires. This means I had to take 9 tires off of rims as the rim bolt pattern wasn't right. Sooooo here we go!

Step 2: Tools

So you can do this with just tire irons but it's much harder and I had this little tool siting around. You can buy one and all the other tools you'll need at harbor freight. Cheap.

Step 3: Unseat the Bead

First take the valve stem out. Let the tire deflate then use the tool thingie to pop the tire inward and off of the ramp area on the wheel. Both the inside and out!

Step 4: Put It Up Top

The little pin in the bolt hole helps for later to keep the wheel from spinning when you're workin on it

Step 5: Put the Star Thingie on and Screw the Holder On

This stuff keeps the tire in place while you're popping the bead off

Step 6: Put the Thingie In

Slide the bar between the bead and rim carefully. Soapy water helps to keep everything slippery and keeps you from messing up the tire bead

Step 7: One Half Done

Rotate the bar around until the entire bead is on the top side of the wheel

Step 8: Here's Where It Gets Tricky

You need the inside of the tire to come off the outside of the rim. Slide the bar past the bead you just pulled out and hook on the other bead. These wheels have tire pressure sensors. Be super careful you don't break them off!!!

Step 9: The Tire Is Off!!!


Step 10: Take Off TPS

Yep. These were a torx #10 pop em off and save them for a friend

Step 11: Clean the Bead of the Wheels You Intend to Use

They can get grimy. A clean seat makes the bead seal much easier.

Step 12: Anybody Want Some Wrangler Wheels Cheap?

This is what I'm sending to scrap

Step 13: Now to Do the Reverse

Naked wheel waiting for tread.

Step 14: Do Everything in Reverse

And fill them up with aire. A bubble balancer can help you balance your tires. Or a guy can do it cheap. Even some major tire places balance wheels cheap

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