Change an Ugly Bracelet to an Awesome One

Introduction: Change an Ugly Bracelet to an Awesome One

Step 1: Find a Bracelet

You what it to do old and something you don't mind messing up.

Step 2: Get Some Nail Polish

Don't worry if you don't have nail polish! Regular paint and markers work fine!

Step 3: Choose the Colors You Want

I chose pink,green/blue, and gold. Use whatever you like!

Step 4: Start Painting!

I didn't do anything special but get creative! You can do any design you want!

Step 5: Finish Painting

This is what mine looks like after I was done painting

Step 6: Let It Dry

Depending on what you used, the drying time is different. Nail polish takes about 30-60 minutes

Step 7: Put It On!

Or... Give it to someone as a gift!



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    5 Discussions

    I love this! To bad i had a lot of bracelets i didn't like so got rid of them :/

    You bet aqua 12!p.s I lone aqua 2!

    SMSBACON12301 follow me!!!

    I was thinking about doing that actually but I was going some where and I didn't have time to let it dry all the way

    Wow this is so cool I'm gonna try this