Change Belt on Hoover Tempo Vacuum



Introduction: Change Belt on Hoover Tempo Vacuum

How to change the belt on a Hoover Widepath Tempo vacuum.

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Step 1: Items Required

Philips screwdriver Hoover upright vacuum belt (bring the broken one with you to a hardware store to find the correct replacement)

Step 2: Remove the Brush Cover

Using a Philips screwdriver, unscrew the 4 screws holding the brush cover down. Then gently pull off the cover.

Step 3: Remove and Clean the Brush

Pull out the roller brush and clean or off. Make sure to remove all hair that has wrapped around the guide grooves.

Step 4: Remove and Clean the Brush Tray

Pull out the brush tray and clean it out. Also, clean underneath the tray, inside the vacuum. Reach up into the inlet tube and pull out any debris that is trapped inside. When finished, replace the brush tray.

Step 5: Install the Belt

Hook the belt around the drive post. It is the small metal peg that is sticking out, as indicated the photo. Pull on the belt and put the roller brush through it. Align the belt with the widest groove on the brush. Using a little bit of effort, stretch the belt out until you can put the roller brush back into place. Make sure that the gray end fits snugly into its notch.

Step 6: Replace the Cover

Replace the cover and press down firmly until it reseats. Put the 4 screws back in and tighten them down. Done! You should be all set to vacuum!

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