Change Fountain Pen Cartridge for Converter




How to set a Converter to Fountain Pen.

I changed cartridge to converter for fountain pen.
My Fountain pen is PILOT PRERA(
This cartridge i bought is PILOT CON-50(
Ink is PILOT Black ink(

1. Remove old empty cartridge.
2. Turn the knob to the left (counterclockwise).
3. Push the converter into the body of the pen.
4. Immerse the nib fully in the ink.
5. Turn the knob to the right (clockwise) to fill converter with ink.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I f I understand this step back in evolution correctly you turned a cartridge pen into a cartridge pen that somehow can be refilled. Pretty cool actually but I used to refill my drawing pen cartridges using a diabetics syringe. thank you for sharing