Change Furbys Clock With RadioWaves

Introduction: Change Furbys Clock With RadioWaves

About: Science Communicator of the national science museum in Japan.
Circuit-bending a furby. This hack make it possible to control furbys Clock speed with Radio Waves from Home appliances.

Step 1: Remove a Quartz Resonator From the Board

There is a quartz resonator (36.768kHz?) on the bord behind eyes.
Remove it with a soldering iron.

Step 2: Soldering Wires

Solder 2 wires (about 20cm) on the board where a quartz resonator was.

Step 3: Cut an Alligator Clips Wire Lead

Cut it in half.

Step 4: Soldering Wires on a 6P Toggle Switch

6P toggle SW,   I named this SW as "Magical SW" in my video.

(left side) the quarts resonator <- STEP1
(center)   purple lines are soldered on furbys board <- STEP2
(right side) Aligator Clips <-STEP3

Step 5: Check

when you close clips to Home appliances...your Furby may act violently or slowly !?
Have Fun !

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