Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Introduction: Change Hair Color in Photoshop

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Hey Guys, in this tutorial we learn how to change the color of hair in Adobe Photoshop. changing to natural tones is much easier than going completely blonde or black but you can learn both ways in this tutorial.

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Step 1: ​Change Hair Color in Photoshop. Redhead to Brown to Black

Drag and drop the image into Photoshop and duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl & J, on the new layer create a new adjustment layer next to add layer mask and select selective color. Set the colors to Reds and make sure that relative is checked. Play around with the Cyan, Magneta, Yellow and black. You can do most hair color adjustments here but if you are looking to change the color to something like a dark brown or black then there will need to be more adjustments made but using only this setting i made adjustments and easily changed the hair color from red to brown.

Step 2: Change Hair Color to Black in Photoshop.

Using your original image create a new group, inside the group select hue/saturation in Adjustment Layers and have master selected to reds and bring the saturation all the way down to the left. Before doing this left click on the image using the eyedropper and select the hair color you are trying to de saturate. If there are still colors left in the hair then select the plus eye dropper and select out those colors.Add a layer mask on the bottom right hand panel and select black, select the brush tool, paint back in your original layer excluding the hair. Go as close to edges as you can but leave a small gap which we will fill in by selecting a really soft brush type and turn the flow down to 20%. Now build in around the edges to make the image look smoother. Always remember that black will bring in the layer underneath and white will add the mask on top.Create a new Adjustment Layer then select Curves to adjust the light and dark of the photo, make the photo darker by dragging the bar downwards. Do not worry about the face changing color as we are going to apply the mask again to the new layer. Now select your masked layer, hold Alt, left click and hold to grab the layer and drag and drop it onto the Curves layer to apply the mask. At this point the face and body will go back to normal but the black in the hair will stay as it was. It will ask to replace layer mask, click yes.Make a new layer, select the brush tool, change the blending mode to color and paint into any areas where there is skin left that is not showing. Hold Alt and left click to select a skin color. This is a good way to make changing hair color look real.Make a new layer and select the Brush Tool, set the color to white and double click on your layer to open up the Blend If menu. In the Blend If menu hold Alt and drag the right hand black pointer all the way to the right hand side then move the left hand black pointer about a quarter of the way to the right. Now using your brush tool paint in white highlights according to the direction of the light and so on. You could also add brown, blonde or any other highlights by using this message and to adjust the shine levels then go back to Blend Of and change the left hand pointer while holding alt.

You have now Completed the Changing Hair Color to Brown or Black in Photoshop!

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    2 years ago

    Nice tutorial! Each and every step clearly explore no any confusion to follow it.. Photoshop tips Thanks!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! Thank you for sharing this tutorial video!

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    How To Photoshop

    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi @seamster thanks very much i upload a few tutorials a week and will be sharing here. Thank you for watching :)