Change No-Range




Introduction: Change No-Range

Have you ever needed change but remembered that it fell out of your wallet? Well if you have then you should create the Change No-Range. The Change No-Range is placed where your credit cards are usually placed in your wallet. It keeps your change "in range" of your wallet. It would make a quick gift for a busy person or you can keep mutuals in your car (or cars) for emergences.

Step 1: Materials

Duck Tape

3-D Printer


Ruler/Measuring Devise


Step 2: Assembling

1st Measure the dimensions of your wallet you will be using

2nd 3-D print the dimensions that will be used for the frame

3rd Using the Duck Tape layer it on the bottom of the frame

4th Layer Duck Tape on top of the Duck Tape under neath the frame

5th Insert the Change No-Range into where credit cards are stored in the wallet

6th Enjoy no lose change



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    4 Discussions

    Good idea Pumuggel I was in a hurry to make this so I didn't want to spend time cutting so I just 3-D printed instead. You could also use protective cases for cards and that might give you a better thickness and the magnet idea was a good idea.

    Istead of 3D-printing, you could cut the frame out of (some) old plastic cards. Adding (some) thin (1mm) neodymium mgagnets between the duck tape layers may prevent coins from falling out (depending on the type of coins / currency).

    Clever idea. I always have the problem of never having change on me. This would be a pretty good solution, especially if you could print it in a flexible material.

    Sorry I misspelled multiples in the Intro last sentence.