Change / Remove Background Easily in Photoshop

Introduction: Change / Remove Background Easily in Photoshop

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Hey guys, in this video i show how to change the background of an image and add blending effects easily and quickly. To do this i use the Quick Selection Tool and Layer masking in Adobe Photoshop CC.

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Step 1: Change Backgrounds Easily - Quick Selection Tool - Written Tutorial.

Once you are in the Adobe Photoshop Interface you want to drag and drop the image you will be using and press the enter key or the check mark on the top panel. Once you are happy with the size of the image click duplicate layer and rename mask. On the mask layer, click over to the Quick Selection Tool and go round the edges of the picture from the inside out. If you want to change the size of the Quick Selection Tool then use the brackets below the return and plus key on your keyboard. To make a de-selection then hold Alt and left click. to zoom in press Alt and scroll on your mouse.

Click on the refine edge too and select overlay, i used the pink background. Then paint over the areas missed for example small spaces between hair etc. Build it in until the entire background is pink. Play around with the Smooth Feather Contrast and Shift Edge tools. Tick decontaminate colours and set it at 100%. Set the output to new layer with layer mask.

This will give you just your image without the background.

Remember to always save images that have transparent backgrounds as a .PNG file. Saving as a JPEG will automatically fill the background with white.

You have now completed the Change Background Tutorial using Layer Masking tutorial in Adobe Photoshop!

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