Change Sony Ericsson MPS-70 Speakers Into USB Speakers

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In this quick video, I give a step-by-step guide on how to convert the Sony Ericsson MPS-70 speakers (which are exclusively for Ericsson phones) into USB speakers that can work with any laptop or computer.



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1 year ago

Does someone know how to "safely" open the speakers?


Reply 1 year ago

No, they need USB to power the amplifier inside them.


5 years ago on Introduction

Can any one please help me doing this with Sony Ericsson MPS-60? I am a total novice in this thing. I want to keep the mini amplifier and use them with laptop with 3.5mm jack and power through usb.
thanks in advance.

Strange thing is that the same colour wires were in the USB&speaker cords as the Ericsson (perhaps Korea has connected them differently :), but the main issue was probably the audio cable, there didn't appear to be any purposely discoloured wires for the ground wire, so I wound two that appeared darker together, possibly darker due to ageing?