Change Table Mobile for Infant - DIY - Forest Theme



Introduction: Change Table Mobile for Infant - DIY - Forest Theme

This is a very simple instructable that is  low in cost and high in reward, while being easy to make. 

My wife was complaining about our daughter rolling around and getting distracted while she was trying to change her. She asked me to set up a mobile and hang it from the ceiling. Considering all the time I had spent on the nursery design I was reluctant to put up a big long hanging mobile; this design was my compromise.

*Important* I have heard of people suggesting to not use string around babies, but I feel that my mobile is safe for one main reason - it is only being used for the change table, which means an adult will be present at all times in and around the mobile.


3" screws #8 
A corner wall
drill + drill bits
hand saw
Piece of wood 3"-4" diameter and min 32" long
(optional - chop saw)
(optional - duck tape)

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Step 1: Find a Branch!

Please do not look at this instructable and then go cut down a live branch or tree. Use dead fall which is readily available and easier to cut! :)

Find branch about 3"-4" diameter and min 32" long. 

The longer the branch the farther out the mobile will be out of the corner.

You will notice in the second image I cut both ends flat. If you are good at judging angles you can cut the wood on and angle and save cutting a 45% angle later on.

Step 2: Freezer


At this point I put the wood in my chest freezer for the next couple days in  the hope it would kill off any insect travelers that I would rather not have living in my home.

I figured you didn't need a photo of the log in the freezer.

Step 3: Find the Stud and Angle Cut the Wood.

Next you will cut one side of wood on a 45 angle.

Go to the room corner the log will be places and determine height and where the studs are located (use pencil to mark the spots). 

Once you figure out the placement of the log & angle mark where you want the next 45 to be cut. 

Cut the 45 degree angle and go back to test how flush the ends of the branch are against the wall. You may have to go back and try a different angle on he cut or take more away. 

Step 4: Predrill Screw Holes on the Wood

1) Once again go back to the room test the branch in the final position and mark using pencil places to screw the wood into the wall. Because I used a diagonal placment I was able to hide the drill holes on the back of the wood.  (If you really wanted to be serious you could make plugs out of the pieces you cut. )

2) Next get out your drill bit that is smaller than a #8 and drill where you want the screw to go in.

3) Take a bigger drill bit than the head of the screw and drill in the same spot as step #2, but stop after 1/4". This is called counter sinking and when it comes time to attach the wood to the wall, but screw will be hidden.  

Step 5: Drill Holes for Hanging String

For our mobile my wife bought  four butterflies to hang. I took the length of the wood and then divided the space evenly and drew pencil marks on where I wanted the wood to hang. 

Place the wood in the corner again and the mark using the pencil where the hinging bits should be. Then drill on an angle from bottom of the branch to back. This will allow for a knot to be made behind the branch without if being seen.

*Please ignore the string in the photo for now*

Step 6: Attach String to the Branch for the Mobile Pieces to Hang.

If you made the hole too small to put your twine through, take a look at how I accomplished the task. Using ducttape and a much smaller rope. 

At this stage you can finish the wood with a clear coat, lacquer or varnish.

Step 7: Attach Branch to the Wall

Get the branch into position and then screw the wood to the wall using your guided drill holes.

Make sure the wood hold firm to the wall. 

Step 8: Find Mobile Hanging Items

Use your mobile hanging piece and attach to the rope. Make sure to make big knots in the back of the log to hang them. consider leaving extra in case you need to adjust heights. 

Now that they are attached, figure out the height of the hanging pieces. I accomplished this by strapping my child into the change pad and then had my wife help me change the heights of the butterflies until we like where they were placed.

Step 9: Done! Enjoy.


Enjoy watching your child look up in fascination while you change him or her. 

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