Change a Shoe Box Into a Cute Organizer




Introduction: Change a Shoe Box Into a Cute Organizer

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Everyone has a shoe box lying around. Take it up and give it a make the organizer
And I want to tell something that this was not my Idea I got this from a YouTube video and screenshoted it....Just wanted to share with you

Step 1: Gather the Stuffs

And ultimately THE SHOE BOX

Step 2: Cutting

Take your shoe box and Cut the lid open. use blade or something to do it. Move that part apart we will use it at last.

Step 3: Marking

Now using a ruler Rule the length of the shoe box and mark The mid point. For example if it is 14 centimetre then mark at 7 centimetre.... Now from the centre mark 2 centimetre both to right and left.Do it in the opposite side also .

Step 4: Joining

Now u have three points. you should join three point to the mid so that it looks like a triangle.

Step 5:

now cut that triangle from both sides. From 1 triangle make a crease using scissors to the other one..

Step 6: Forming the Shape.

now fold both sides outwards and glue it...then take the cardboard we leaved before and cut it and close the front ..

Step 7: Prepping Up...

Take some stickers and design it....tada your cute organizer is ready...



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