Change a Pump Hand Lotion Bottle to a Plain Top

Introduction: Change a Pump Hand Lotion Bottle to a Plain Top

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When a pump hand lotion bottle is too empty to pump the thick lotion up, there's usually far too much lotion left to throw the bottle away. The red line shows how much lotion can be left in the bottle when the pump gives up.
It's easy to remove the pump and close off the top to enable the bottle to be turned upside down. If you get the same brand there is no need to fix up a new top each time, just store your closed off top until needed.

Step 1: Take Apart the Pump

This bottle was easy to dismantle. After taking the pump out of the bottle, I just gripped the top and the inside with two pairs of pliers and pulled the mechanism apart.

Step 2: Fill Up the Hole

Plastic from milk bottles is easy to cut. Draw the hole shape and the outside of the top on your plastic scrap. Using a pair of heavy scissors, cut somewhere between the two lines, closer to the inside line. Test to see that it fits and trim off a little more if necessary.

Step 3: Glue the Plastic Into the Lid

I used a two part epoxy but other glues might work. Sugru is not available where I live but that might work..
Make sure no glue gets left on the threads. I put the glue in from the outside to minimize this possibility.

Step 4: Check the Glue

Check that the glue completely seals the plastic to the lid.

Step 5: Turn Bottle Upside Down

Once the glue is dry (or cured, depending on what is used), turn the bottle upside down. To use, simply unscrew the lid, tap some hand lotion out and replace the lid. I use hand lotion several times a day and get a few extra weeks worth out of the bottle after the pump no longer works.
Other liquids such as shampoo or conditioner can be diluted and used up but diluting hand lotion would defeat its purpose.

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