Change Inverter in LCD Desktop Screen

Introduction: Change Inverter in LCD Desktop Screen

So, you have turned your computer on, and then saw it start up as usual but then suddenly it went blank. So you decide to restart it for some odd reason, but then figure out that there is a problem.

Your problem is: The Inverter (connects the power to the bulb) is dying.

Your solution is: Open up you LCD panel and change the inverter.

Continue with this instructable to fix your screen.

Step 1: Open Up the LCD Screen

Take you screen turn it over and unscrew all the back screws. then carefully take of the back plastic panel, it is usually gripped on very well, so i would recommend taking two flat screwdrivers and slowly prying it open.

Step 2: Underneath the Plastic Panel

Most LCD screens are very similar, but some have the inverters beneath a safety metal panel and some have them on the bottom lower part of the LCD.

Detect where yours is.

Step 3: Remove the Inverter

This is the most dangerous part of the whole operation, be CAREFUL!
Take of the power connectors from the inverter, unscrew the inverter from the metal panel and place it in a safety Ziploc bag.

Caution: The inverter has literally thousands of volts inside it - and if you touch the wrong part you are toast!

The rest of the instructable will come when my NEW inverters arrive to my house...Good luck!

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    4 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 3

    Umm, it's 2010. . . I'm pretty sure your supplier doesn't have a 2-year shipping policy on inverters. . .


    Cool I did this once, and I must say that it is almost not worth it. If your inverter burns out, then chances are the CFLs are on their way too. They wanted $50 + shipping/tax/duty to get an inverter for my monitor. I went out and bought a "universal" inverter for CFLs that you mount on cars. Then I wired it up to the 12 volt rail in my monitor. Worked great, but I lost the ability to control brightness. By the time your inverter burns out, just buy a new monitor...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You change the inverter, then you sell the monitor ;)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    So what happened ?? Where did you get the new inverter ? The inverter supplies a few hundred volts to the light tubes when on, not thousands. It is not a CRT. Still hazdardous when the power is on. Just be careful. Standard electrical safety precautions, not drama. And it is OK to handle when the power is off. A little voltage on the caps is not going to hurt (much). They are only 35 v at most and most likely it has bled off if the power has been off a while.