Change Windows Xp Theme

Introduction: Change Windows Xp Theme

once you have messed with window appearance a bit you can get something like this it only takes about 10 mins and can always be reset back to the started windows xp theme rather then have a page for each step as nothing really needs to be explained in detail im just going to post it all here

here is what you do:
right click anywhere on your desktop
click on properties this will bring on a window with the title of display properties
there should be a few tabs "themes, desktop, screen saver, appearance, and setting
click on the appearance tab then you should see a tab below that that says windows and buttons
click that and chose windows classic style
click apply for good measure
click advanced
and this will allow you now to change most visuals in windows xp here all you have to do is click around and try different things don't forget to click apply when you change something so you can see what it look like
to change it back simple goto the themes tab and chose windows xp or any other theme you have

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