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Introduction: Changeable Paintings

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Create a painting that you can change daily or any time you feel like it.

This project will require the following supplies.

  1. A painted canvas of any size or color.
  2. A thin piece of sheet metal to back the painting
  3. Magnets strong enough to hold the elements you wish to hold to the painting.
  4. Glue strong enough to hold the metal to the back of the canvas

Note: Rare Earth magnets are extremely dangerous if swallowed and should never be used around children. They can sometimes detach from whatever they are glued. Always account for your magnets and protect pets and children from accidentally swallowing them and being harmed.

Step 1: Prepare Your Canvas or Recycle One!

Find a canvas of any size you like, or recycle an existing painting, such as I've done here.

Step 2: Attach a Metal Sheet Backing to the Canvas

Back the canvas with a sheet of metal such as that found on a whiteboard.

Step 3: Embellish With Magnets and Elements

Once in place, use magnets to connect metal objects, or glue magnets to objects. Using 3D printing, this play with background color and foreground objects is endless :)

I look forward to seeing what you create from this project !

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    The hands that you can twist into different positions add a really nice touch. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I've developed the posed 3D hands for another project, but they were perfect for this one as well!