Changing Weeping Angel Wallpaper

Hey everybody, I am a big fan of Doctor Who. I was about to change my laptop wallpaper when I realized I could have a weeping angel wallpaper that moves! This is done with windows 7, and I don't know whether it works on anything else, but if you can set your background to a slide show, you're good to go!

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Step 1: Supplies

1. Laptop with the snipping tool and a slide show background feature
2. 5 minutes
3. Tolerance for closing a window and realizing an angel is staring at you

Step 2: Save the Pictures

First, go to your computer desktop and make a new file called Weeping_Angel. Open the Internet and google Weeping Angel Security Footage. Open the video, and get ready to pause it. When the first picture comes up, pause the video, and open the snipping tool. Take a rectangular snip of the picture, and save it in the folder on your desktop called Weeping_Angel. Play the video again, pause it at the next one, snip the picture, etc. When you are done you should have six pictures of a weeping angel.

Step 3: Applying Your Background

Go to settings. Click personalization, and go to the Theme page. Click on your wallpaper, then click browse. Browse the desktop, and click on Weeping Angel. If all of the pictures aren't selected, then select them all, and click save.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy! I am really creeped out as I am writing this, because there is a weeping angel in my room... I mean, on the screen! Have fun and creep out yourself an your friends!

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4 Discussions


4 years ago

Can you send me you zip file. My boys would love this!!!


4 years ago

Great idea! I'll have to try it!


4 years ago

Nice idea although I think my eldest would be freaked out a little if i made this ible as we watch Dr Who together.