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Introduction: Changing a Pinata

A few days before my brother's pirate-themed party, we went in search of a pinata. With lack of anything better, we picked up a baseball player, which of course, was not at all what we wanted.
They left it to me, supposedly the artistic one to turn a baseball player into a pirate.

Below is how it started. Not piratey at all!

Step 1: Changing the Hat

The least piratey thing about him was the hat. It had to go.
First, I cut off the bill.
Then, I painted it black. I used regular tempura paint, and the biggest brushes I had lying around the house.
I also put tape around the base of the hat, trying to prevent paint from getting on his skin. It kind of worked, but when I took off the tape, I also took off some of his hair. Over all, I recommend just being careful instead of putting on masking tape.

Step 2: More on the Hat

I then added gold ribbon around the base of the hat. This may have not been the best choice, but it's what I did. It was glued on with Elmers glue. I also printed out the skull and cross bones, cut it out, and glued that one with glue. His hat is now pirate-ified.

Step 3: The Final Pinata

Unfortunately, the camera-man (my dad) skipped out on his duties during the next few steps.
I made a pirate eye-patch out of ribbon and thread. The part over the eye is two large pieces of ribbon messily sewn together, and the long strip of ribbon was sewn to that, and then glued on his head.
The vest was made by my mom.
The vest was made out of a plastic, disposable tablecloth. It didn't turn out exactly like she wanted it too, but it does a good enough job.
The hook hand (which was made by my dad) was made out of aluminum foil and duct tape. He first formed the hook with a base attached, and then taped it onto the hand with the silver ductape. Looks good enough!

Step 4: Ta-da!

And here it is, all hung up and about to be hit with a stick!
The end!

Thank you to my mom for the vest and stick, my dad for the pictures, and my sister for helping me paint the hat. By the way, this is my first instructabler. =) Hope you like it.

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    5 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I love pinatas... There the only thing you can beat with a stick and are rewarded with candy for it!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Yar! Great idea! Next time, make a ninja one, and videotape the beating of it!


    Lol Sweet! This looks really funny, and super-candy holding abilities (looks big so it will hold a crap load!)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Well to all of you. Pretty nice instructable. Thanks for sharing. Of course you could have just made him a Pittsburgh Pirate.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Great job! 'm sure your brother will have a great party with it! I hope he pinata "beating stick" is a wooden pirates sword? :)