Changing a Cassette Deck Input to MP3 Player




Introduction: Changing a Cassette Deck Input to MP3 Player

Sony CFD-ZW755. I originally wanted to disable only one tape deck. This would have required using pickup head wiring. I decided the quality of sound from cassettes and the few I had left meant I could sacrifice all cassette players to have a 1/8" input for an MP3 player or smart phone.

Step 1:

A common pre amp for dual or single cassette decks in the Toshiba TA2068N. In my setup I wired the 1/8 aux 3 wire plug to the outputs of the TA2068N. I used the output pins of 1 for (-) and 18, 20 for (+). There is a resistor and capacitor on the pre-amp board that I wired my input through to retain input stability to the main amp.

Step 2:

I drilled a hole and mounted the 3 wire 1/8 input. I also soldered the tape input switch for #1 tape player and disconnected the leads to the tape player motor. There is no simple mode selector switch in this unit. It is all electronically selected.

Step 3:

Now I just select Tape (for aux input) plug in an MP3 player, or in this case my Moto E phone. Volume on phone has to be around 75% to 85% volume and the audio is very good.



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    If you have this exact Sony CFD-ZW755. The pre amp board for the tape deck is on the left. The TA2068N chip schematic shows it's outputs are 1,18, 20. The pre amp board pins are 9 ( common or -) 6 and 7 (+ or signal) he schematic for the chip shows a capacitor and resistor. I chose to solder at the input of the capacitor (the first stop after the chips pin 1) soldered L&R at 6 and 7 on the board.


    I also realized that if you leave the #1 tape deck play switch soldered and left the motor hooked up, you could still play cassettes in tape 1 with nothing plugged into the new aux jack. I find the audio quality of cassette tapes to be poor, so I left the tape deck inoperative.

    This is awesome! I did this to one of my stereos a while back to give it bluetooth capabilities as well.

    This mod cost me around $15 for the 3 pin 1/8" female plug and the 1/8" male to male cable. (3.5 mm). The toughest part for me was figuring out where to hook up to the tape amp input. I found the left and right (+) on another instructable on here. The #1 for ground came from the datasheet for the pre amp chip.