Changing an Administrators Password With a Limited Account





Introduction: Changing an Administrators Password With a Limited Account

This instructable will tell you how to change an administrators password, even if you have a limited account. Probably this has been done hundreds of times on this site, so bear with me.

Step 1: Instructions

Open Command prompt/MS-DOS, (it's in accessories or you can go to run, type cmd)
Type this:
net user
net user "Any Username" * Note: Make sure to spell exactly what the username is.....nah

Type the new password, the text you type is not going to come up on the screen but its there.
It will ask you to so

Step 2: That's It!

There you have it! A changed password.
Troubleshoot: If the time is not correct on your compy, this will not work, not sure why.
I first did this when my brother changed me to a limited account and he became the only administrator.
Thanks for reading
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    20 Discussions

    help this happened...

    Try this instead copy & paste this on notepad and save it as "Hack.bat"

    @echo off

    net user USERNAME /add

    goto admin


    net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add


    change the words USERNAME to your account name.


    Sorry, it doesn't work for me..

    It worked up until the last step. It said that my password was not recognised as a command. Am I missing somthing?

    1 reply

    nvm I figured it out, but it's giving me the system error 5 thing.

    You can't change it back to the original, though you could, if you knew some batch, make it look like data was lost and just have them make a new password...... Comment back if you want an Instructables on it.

    i tried it many times bro...but it's failed it's written " system error 5 has occured, acces denied? do you have any other idea? thanks ...

    unless your operating system is old and unpatched it doesn't work anymore.

    Sorry, but I have tried that at school, home, and everywhere else. It keeps coming up with "system error 5" or something like that.

    5 replies

    Try clicking on (but not double clicking) the command prompt icon, then hit CTRL SHIFT Enter 
    Then go through the same steps

    Try right clicking cmd, click "Run As", then go to administrator and un-check the box that says "protect my pc from"... whatever. Either one of those things will probably fix the problem. Also make sure that the time is set correctly on your computer. hope this helps

    Hey, I think I mentioned this in the Instruct. (maybe not) If the clock on the computer is not set properly that's what will happen. So just go into CMD and correct the time (by typing time) Thanks for the comment