Changing Eye Color

Introduction: Changing Eye Color

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With this instructable you learn how to change eye color in the picture . Many of people like blue eyes , block eyes and ... , Now you can change your eye color to your favorite color . but only in the picture !
The blue eye (with green highlight ) is the first image , and the green eye is finally picture .

Step 1: Open and Select Eye

First , Open your image in Photoshop , and zoom (Z) in on the eyes you like to change their color . a easy way for zoom and out : Hold Ctrl key and then press +/- .  Affirmative for zoom and other for out .

Select your paint brush (B) and choose a size appropriate for this image . A suitable size for this work , I think it's 30 or 35 . But you can choose other (It's proportional with your image)

Step 2:

Now , click Quick mask button (Q) to go to Quick mask mode . Color your eye with the brush selected in the Step 2 .
Then go to standard mode with click Quick mask button (Q) again .
To select eye , hit Shift + Ctrl + I , or in the main lists click on the inverse .

Step 3: Layer and Finish !

Create a layer with hitting Ctrl+J . Then select it . Now press Ctrl+B to develop the color of eye . Change percentages to get your favorite color . Also you can change your eye color with other ways , example : Filters , colors and ...
Send your results here !

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    2 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    The reflections on the eye should not change color...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Please see carefully again , the white reflection change to white with green highlight . Thanks !