Chap Stick Safe

Introduction: Chap Stick Safe

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The chap Stick Safe is a cool little safe to make. It is a smaller container so it will only hold small items. I mainly use it for storing cash. You could put other stuff in it as well. It's nice for storing in a purse or draw to look inconspicous. This was a cheap project to make I had a chap stick laying around I used to make mine.

You will need glue sticks

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

chap stick container


paper towel and water to clean off chap stick

Step 2: Making

Making the Chap Stick safe is pretty easy and inexpensive. I used a pocket knife to make mine. Start at the bottom turning knob and start turning so the chap stick part is exposed. I reccommend using a stick that is towards the end so you don't waste chap stick. Turn the knob until the chap stick wont stick out of the top and farther. Then take a knife and cut what ever access lip bum stick out. Cut all chap stick that is on plastic thing that pushes up the chap stick. Can use a cutter also to cut this out. Water and paper towel helps clean up the inside of the container.

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    4 years ago

    This is a brilliant way to hide a few emergency bills in the event you lose your wallet/purse. A thief could go through your belongings, pass up your emergency cash and be none the wiser. Simple and extremely useful! Thank you for sharing!