Charcoal Camping BBQ (lightweight, Portable, Foldable)




How to built a DIY Camping BBQ using recycled materials.

Unmounted very compact and portable

No soldering required, only a cutting tool and tolls for folding pieces of the iron sheets

Step 1: Camping BBQ: Blueprint


- 4x steel plates (35cm X 28cm)

- grid for the bottom: to contain the charcoal

- steel wire and rods

I used 4xMetal separator of a Ikea shelves and an old BBQ grid for the bottom (to contain the charcoal)

Step 2: Resulting Pieces

... I know, I know... the cuts must be done better.. but this is only the first Prototype ;-)

And I need a better tool :-)

Step 3: Assemble All Together

fit the 4x folded triangle inside the slots

Please note that in this prototype are not cutted+folded the 4xsupports for the cooking grill

Step 4: Charcoal Grid Details

Please note the rotating legs that will be fitted inside the 4x holes

Step 5: Charcoal Grid Mounted

using 4xHoles and grid rotating legs

Step 6: Unmonted and Piled All Together

Lets go to camping!!!

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    4 Discussions

    spark master

    3 years ago

    Sweet, good for the car, canoe or redoubt for zombie invasions bug out hideaway!


    3 years ago

    Great design! Just a suggestion: Could use a shot of the actual assembly--how to fit the sides fit together. I had to do a close-up to see the little bent tabs. I love this idea. I suppose one could probably attach a small movable flap over the holes in order to adjust the airflow & slow down the coals' burn rate?


    3 years ago

    Wonder if someone really made this :D