Charcoal Filter

Introduction: Charcoal Filter

Turn your dirty water into to clean water


The Igloo is going to be the outer interior for our charcoal filter.You can also use a bucket and then attach a drainage system to it.For this we are going to use the igloo since its already has a drainage nozzle attached.These 5 gallon igloos cost around $18-25 U.S dollars and can be found at your local retail stores.The handles on the igloo help to transport the filter around.

Step 2: Blue Mesh

For this step you want to get some thick mesh about 1 1/2 inch thick. After that cut it into a circle to fit the circumference of the igloo to push down to the nozzle of the igloo. This mesh is used to pick up any dirt or rocks that make it through the other layers.Its very easy to wash and empty about the dirt it collects.

Step 3: Charcoal

For the third step your going to want to get some charcoal and a towel. Cut the towel to fit in the igloo make it a little bigger the top of the igloo so coal wont seep through any cracks.Then you want to set about a a inch thick layer of coal bits in it ( MAKE SURE YOU DON'T PUT COAL DUST WITH IT) because it with mix with he water and will come out black.Next set another layer of towel on top of the coal layer.

Step 4: Rocks

Finally the third layer is going to be rocks. Collect some granite rocks and proceed to rinse them with water to remove any dust collected on the rocks.Your going to need about half inch layer of rocks.Next your going to set another towel over the rocks to collect dirt,plants etc.

Step 5: Sanitizing

This step is optional. Once your water has gone through the filter a couple times you can get a hot plated and a pot and boil your water if you want to make sure its safe and sanitized to drink.Let the water sit and boil for a while and it should be safe to drink. To be safe wait until the water has cooled down and drink.

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